Construction Marketing

This is a service available to all small and medium sized subcontractors where we provide our knowledge and experience of working for clients and successful subcontractors.

You will be provided with details and proven techniques on how the larger contractors and other subcontractors we have worked for, have been able to select the clients they work for, get themselves placed on the right tender lists, known to the people who make the decisions and subsequently get the contracts they wanted.

As we are a company with a construction background we have a greater understanding to your needs and requirements so we will not be trying to sell you any website design, corporate branding, social media networking or any specialist contact management software, just straight forward strategies and techniques we have used with proven success in and with other construction companies.

A further benefit to contractors who work in the area we cover we will also be able to provide details of our own numerous contacts and leads within the industry.

Who is it for?

  • Small to medium sized subcontractors
  • Financially sound contractors who are able to grow
  • Contractors who produce quality and take pride in their work
  • Contractors looking to expand their client base
  • Contractors who want steady growth
  • Contractors who want to work at building relationships
  • Contractors who have owners and staff that are passionate about the business

Contact us for more details.

Individual Companies

We can work with your company on an individual basis working with an individual or a small group of your staff meeting on a regular basis to suit your requirements, where it will not interfere greatly with the normal day to day running of your business as we understand that many small / medium sized contractors do not have a dedicated marketer or marketing team.

Meetings with your company representative or team would ideally be held in your own offices and last between 2 – 4 hours each meeting the number of meetings held will depend on the length of each meeting but should be approximately 4 – 6 number.

Each meeting you will be provided with details, strategies and guidance on various areas of getting your company those valuable contacts and contracts.

With your staff we can carry out a review of your existing marketing and build in our own techniques and strategies to help you improve your success rate in obtaining new clients and tenders.

To assist you in implementing our marketing techniques we as part of our fee will carry out some of the more basic implementation off site, therefore not tying up any of your valuable staff for long periods of time.

Where possible you will also be provided with introductions directly to our own clients / contacts that get you straight on to tender lists, for projects of interest but a separate fee per introduction and tender received will apply.

Contact us for more details.

Workshops / Networking Groups

We are looking to establish network groups. Ideally we would get a number of individual subcontractors from various trades (but not two of the same trade back ground) together in a focused networking group. Onyx Consultants will lead the group and provide an agenda to follow each meeting.

Each meeting you will be provided with details, strategies and guidance on various areas of getting your company those valuable contacts and contracts.

Some of the topic areas we would look to cover:

  • Who do you know and what they know
  • How to target the right client for you
  • Effective communication
  • Getting yourself on the right tender lists
  • Find and meet the decision makers
  • Building relationships and getting personnel
  • Tender submission
  • Getting that contract

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